SEO for Self-Starters

In the workplace being a self-starter means being an achiever: confident, proactive and persistent in getting things done without being told or having your boss remind you. They’re character traits that any employer would prize. That’s why many self-starters find it appealing to leave their corporate cubicles and take the plunge running their own business.

While being a self-starter can help you achieve success, when it comes to forming a new venture, doing everything by yourself can adversely affect your business goals, particularly if you’re starting an online business and you’re not skilled in building an effective website that will draw in customers. Even with a limited budget, enlisting the help of professionals with expertise in relevant online content creation, graphic design, mobile-friendly technology, and importantly, the latest digital marketing tools will help you attain better-quality results more efficiently and quickly.

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. For startups and emerging businesses, a good SEO campaign is the digital marketing toolkit you should engage right away. SEO is basically a search engine referral and it gets your online business noticed. On the technical side, SEO adds muscle to your website with targeted and organic keywords, quality link building, infographics and other rich content to drive up your rankings across desktop, mobile (where most of today’s consumers surf and shop), social media and app search.

Just as important, SEO is also about building brand authority. It’s not only about maintaining Page One search rankings to gain customers but also about delivering valuable—and importantly—trusted content that Google, Safari, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp and other search engines and social media will validate and launch in front of potential customers and get shared by them as well.

And, while it’s always good to consider the costs and measurable return on investment of any marketing initiative and making sure it’s aligned with your needs and goals, SEO can be extremely cost-effective in that regard with many pricing options. SEO can be especially effective if you’re looking for upticks in local and regional customers and website traffic. Keep in mind that gains typically grow over time—typically 4 to 6 months—to begin positively affecting your SEO campaign. But your website visitors will increase exponentially over the long term and that translates into more visitors, more qualified leads and more revenue.

Monitoring results is also fairly simple and a good SEO company will provide the reports you need to interpret the data and help you adjust marketing strategies or advise pivoting your product or service to keep ahead of the competition.

So, congratulations on being an entrepreneur with your own business and enjoying the luxury of answering to yourself. As with every self-employed business owner, however, you’ll likely find yourself confronting a familiar question and source of stress: How do I get more customers and more revenue? With that perpetual goal in mind, you should seriously consider adding a well-thought SEO campaign to your marketing plans. You’ll ease your stress and see results—and have a better chance of staying your own boss.